WILD Profile: Felix Treadwell

Name: Felix Treadwell
Where he was born: Buxted, Sussex
Where he lives now: Peckham, London
What he does: I’m currently doing a BA Painting degree at Camberwell College of Arts, while also playing in Shinamo Moki.

Felix Treadwell by Alex Thrift

What’s on his mind today:

I’ve been planning on setting up an online store.

What’s his idea of freedom:

Freedom for me is being able to express anything I want, the ability to have choice.

'little boy' 2014

What he dislikes most about contemporary culture:

It’s probably people’s dependency on social media of which I too am somewhat guilty.

His earliest memory:

I was maybe 4, it was snowing and I was walking through the woods near my home in Sussex.

'lover' 2014

People that inspire your work:

My recent works have been inspired by family, friends and people I’ve had close relationships with. The connections I have with them are crucial to my paintings.

Who represents his animal spirit:

Maybe some kind of snake.

The best thing right now:

Having the opportunity to study art in Japan for the last year has been inspirational, while also returning to such an exciting place as Camberwell/South London.

'i'll be ok' 2014

What he’s currently working on:

I’m currently preparing for an upcoming exhibition in Dalston, while also attempting to come up with new ideas for future works.

Felix’s WILD Wish:

My wish is to move to Tokyo and becoming a full time artist, with some kind of success.

'morning feels' 2014

You can learn more about Felix on his Instagram and Twitter.

text by: Kate Messinger

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