Who: Fred Butler
Where: Dalston, London
What she does: Accessories Designer and blogger

Fred Butler at New Museum on Bowery New York
Photo by Annie Collinge

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of: There is too much looking at screens and not enough looking at what is actually in front of you. People are missing precious experience in the present moment because they are locked into the online dimension.

With whom she would most like to go on a “ tête à tête”: Either Judy Blame or Andrew Logan because they are both visionaries that inspire me to stick to my guns in creating work that is pure and joyous. I would love to find out all their anecdotes of how London life has been for them and the stories that have surrounded their scene. I would like to hear what they have to say about how they emerged and what they think of today’s generation’s approach to life and work.

What she considers a fashion “faux-pas”: A faux-pas is wearing something because you “think” its the right thing to be doing rather than “feeling” its the right thing. Clothes should be about enjoyment rather than a signifier of adopted style.

What kind of movement would she like to start: I would love to inspire people to wear more color…even if its just a small accessory on a black look. Bright hues have a great energy which uplifts the wearer and the voyeur. Its an easy vehicle to bring about light into the dark with positive response.

Who represents her “artistic” family: Anyone who stays true to their vision and has an inherent passion for what they do which translates from life into work and is open to sharing this purpose for the greater good…a key figure for me is Keith Haring who made his life a crusade to cover cities with his glorious colorful street art and inspiring children to get creative and try it themselves.

With whom would she would like to grow old: Firstly my family who are a very close and cute unit, secondly my best friends who I’m lucky enough to have met when I was young and thirdly the love of my life who I haven’t yet met…

What her Wild Wish is: For humanity to open up, be more accepting, tolerant and caring, to look after each other so that we are in a united community, to start working out how to protect this beautiful planet and all its wondrous species.

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text by: Guillaume Boulez

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