WILD Profile: Fahrani Empel, Switch It On

Who: Fahrani Empel (Fa’vela Punk)
Where she was born: Jakarta, Indonesia.
Where she lives now: Brooklyn, NY
What she does: Eyewear Design, modeling, acting, music.

Fahrani Empel the wild mag

What’s on her mind today:

Sunglasses, the business side of the company. Although I am the creative go-to person right now, we’re logistically sorting out our move to the US and everyone is on different time zones—so we’re working like that now.

What she’s currently working on: 

Getting Cast Eyewear setup in the U.S. as a business. I’m moving the company so getting ideas concretized and setting up foundations for the future is the main goal now. I’ve done a few photo shoots and also some music while in Bali, back in January, but right now it’s all about Cast.

Fahrani Empel the wild mag

What’s on her bucket list:
Travel the world, but not just for the sake of traveling. I want to live in as many places as possible to get a local experience. I would like to check out Bhutan, Tibet, Mongolia, that part of the world. Also have a family; I guess it’s natural for a female to feel that way. Since I was 16, I’ve felt that. To have a family is my ultimate dream.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:

Too much ego and darkness, especially in this city. Too little awareness—we all have the ability to be mindful but we need to switch it on.

What good energy means to her:
Good energy translates into positive actions, because that is what ultimately brings you joy. Feelings that bring you joy are your good energies manifesting from within.

Fahrani Empel the wild mag

Her biggest challenge to date:

Finding out who I really am. I’m still learning.

What stresses her out, and what calms her down: 

Not being able to travel, or running out of cash used to stress me out but at this point in my life, I don’t get stressed out easily at all. I think that finding happiness within helps you not worry about outside distractions. If you mean well and don’t focus on stress things always work out. But, if people are nasty to each other, that stresses me out and I can’t help it.

Fahrani Empel the wild mag

Her biggest inspiration:
People, life! Sounds cliché but that is the truth for me. I’m a true Libra, very social person.

Her breakthrough moment:
Last year I had a complete mind expanding moment in a tipi with all these different Native Americans. Experiencing their way of living, sharing in knowledge and love changed me forever.

The WILDEST situation she’s ever experienced:

I think everything I’ve been through in the past that has been out of my control was wild to me.

Her idea of happiness:

Learning, creating.

And love:

You just have to feel it.

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:

Nick Cave! What a random thought.

Fa’s WILD Wish:

For everyone to be a nudist. Why do we have to wear clothes? I wish everyone could be naked all the time and have no judgment.

Fahrani Empel the wild mag

text by: Jade Moyano

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