Who: Monica Sharp; born in Houston, Texas; DJ
Where: Brooklyn, New York

What she’s currently working on: A few vocal tracks and events and trying to finish this mix Ive been procrastinating on for months.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of: Too many bad reality shows… and not enough REALLY bad reality shows.

What good energy means to her: People who understand empathy.

With whom would she would like to run a country: Dennis Kucinich.

What is her most striking moment? When I lived in Philadelphia I worked with a woman who was psychic, I never really believed in that stuff before but she told me pretty much everything that would happen to me in my life in great detail and perfectly described a lot of my dead family members. Even told me what my future husband would look like and when I would meet him. pretty crazy stuff.

What she considers a fashion “faux-pas”: I have a deep seeded hatred for cowboy boots and wedge heels.

What kind of movement she would like to start: I think people are dangerously apathetic in this country. Getting people to care about basic rights for the poor and middle classes could be a start.

Who represents her « artistic » family: Tough to say, I am very lucky to live in New York City surrounded by so many brilliant and inspiring people from all walks of life.

Monica’s Wild Wish: To relocate to the Maldives and run a little beach bar.

Monica Sharp is a socially and politically conscious DJ with a eclectic mix of genres spinning on her tables. Check out her mixes, and follow her on Facebook & Twitter.

text by: Blaine Skrainka

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