WILD Profile: Developing with Emily Ashcroft

Who: Emily Ashcroft
Where she was born: Cheshire, England
Where she lives now: Manchester, England
What she does: Photographer

Emily Ashcroft interview WILD magazine

What she’s been been up to lately:
Recently I was an assistant for Sir Nick Knight. The whole shoot was an amazing experience. The highlights for me were having the privilege of working so closely to Nick and models Xiao Wen, Liberty Ross and Anais Mali.

What she is currently working on:
Right now I’m setting up my new studio in Manchester, so that’s taking up most of my time! I’m also planning some future trips and potential ideas to start up a business too.

Her favorite camera:
Pretty much all my cameras are film; digital doesn’t excite me as much. My favourite is my Canon 1V SLR which I love. I also own a Contax G1, and an Olympus stylus that I use mainly for traveling.

Her earliest memory of feeling inspired to photograph something/someone:
Well it wasn’t exactly a one time epiphany that changed my life forever, when actually it was much more progressive and organic than that. My Dad was a photographer and travelled the world with his trade, and my Granddad before that, so I was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by cameras and equipment to experiment with, that then developed into documenting life with my friends and taking photos at gigs, which led me to photography college and were it all kind of happened. I’ve loved it every since!

What Emily looks for in a photograph:
When I’m on a shoot I like to try and capture what interests and excites me, I don’t ever know what that is going to be. There is no formula to it. Its just really important that the models are relaxed when I’m shooting them, I love when I get my photos back and there’s that one photo that really shows the model’s true self.

On her life-to-do list:
Visit Japan, Finally see Incubus live and Go to South America to cuddle a sloth.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too many people doing things for the wrong reasons, for money or short term fame and glory and not enough people doing stuff for the love of it, too little genuine passion around these days.

The biggest challenge she has encountered in life as of now:
I passed on going to University because it just didn’t feel like the right choice for me. So I guess from being 18 and figuring out my own path alone, finding shoot opportunities and becoming a more self-taught photographer have been the biggest challenges so far. I welcome challenge though; I think I need them in order to become a better artist and to make each of my shoots better than the last.

What she would be doing if she didn’t have her current occupation:
I’ve always wanted to own my own clothing and magazine shop, so that could have been another career choice of mine. Otherwise I could imagine myself still doing something relatively the same. I would still be following fashion and taking pictures, going to galleries and traveling a lot!

What cracks her up:
Ladder goat! Gets me every time.

What stresses her out, and how she calms down from that:
I don’t tend to get that fixated and stressed about things, I’m quite easy going. Stuff like typical life dramas like everyone has stresses me out, to calm down I’d hang out with friends or my boyfriend and rant it all out (╯°□°)╯

What she can’t live without:
Literally, Contact lenses!

The WILDEST situation she has ever experienced:
An illegal rave I went to when I was 16, in a derelict World War II bunker in the middle of a forest. It was absolutely insane, there was thousands of people crammed in this huge building, the sound system nearly fell on us because the walls were shaking so much.

Her idea of happiness:
Living everyday doing what I love.

And love:
Love a person because of their faults. It is the imperfections that make a person different and unique and worth loving.

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:
I’d actually never heard the term ‘tête à tête’ before…so hey now I know!
I’d love to meet Kenneth Cappello. He peaked my interest in photography during my college days and is still one of the most exciting photographers to follow today.

What she’d like to leave to a future generation:
Wildlife !

Emily’s WILD Wish?
For all my future plans work out perfectly, well maybe not perfectly, because that would be boring. Just to be able to go all over the world and take wonderful photos with my job.


see more at emilyashcroft.com

text by: Julia Lola Wang

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