WILD Profile: Billie Shaker

Who: Billie Shaker
What she does: Photographer
Where she lives: Brooklyn, NY

Billie Shaker

What she is currently working on:
I am currently working on a series of platinum prints. While these will be fashion images, there will also be an element of portraiture. I will be focusing on form, and the female body.  I’m drawn to platinum printing, in part, because it allows me to to capture more subtle qualities of the human body given it’s broad range of tonality.

What good energy means to her:

For me, good energy means being around people that inspire you to create things.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:

Too much rushing, and too little getting lost.

What she would be doing if she didn’t have her current occupation:

I think I would be a veterinarian.

On her life-to-do list:
I don’t have one of those, but thinking off the top of my head, I’d really love to take a road trip around the country with my dog and my 35mm underwater  camera, I’d like to learn to speak Spanish, learn to play the bass guitar, try to understand politics a little bit more, save some more pups, fall in love a couple more times…

What cracks her up:
I was just reminded of how when I was a kid and I was angry at my mom, I’d say to her “You’re mushy and you’re sour!” I also identified so much with my dog that I’d say, “When I was a puppy, I mean, a baby.” This cracks me up.

What she can’t live without:

Imagination, family, pals, and my pup

What she would like to leave to future generation:

An enthusiasm for making art, and being unconventional thinkers.

Her next challenge:

Learning to be business minded.

With whom she would like most to go on a “ tête à tête”:
My dog Fox.

Billie’s WILD Wish:
My WILD Wish is to be able to communicate with animals. I genuinely feel that if we could talk to animals our world would be a better place.. they know what’s up!

Platinum0012, Billie Shaker


For more information on Billie, visit her websites Young’Uns and Billie Shaker.

text by: Marina Lucic

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