WILD Profile: Billie Marten

Who: Billie Marten
Where she was born: Ripon (At home)
Where she lives now: Ripon, North Yorkshire
What she does: Sing, play guitar, write

Billie Marten

What good energy means to her:
I think positive vibes with optimism and a bit of humour. There’s definitely good energy when sharing music you love with others.

If she were a sound, it would be:
I’d probably be the piano sound on “In For The Kill” (the version on my EP). It’s so nice to listen to and it sounds like no other. We hid a lot of waterfall sounds in the background too.

What she believes in:
Great music can change anything, from a mood to a lifetime decision.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
There’s always too much greed, not enough selflessness.
I think people’s actions are often influenced by insignificant things e.g. money/power.

If  she could see broad social disruption in one aspect, it would be:
This is tricky but, stopping tax havens—sharing is caring.

Heavy rotation:
My new faves – All We Are, FKA Twigs, James Bay, new alt-J, and Keaton Henson.

Something that has surprised her recently:
How small teaspoons are in Portugal, and how quickly plans can be made.

With whom she would like most to go on a tête à tête:
I’d say Guy Garvey. His thought process whilst writing music would be mind blowing to witness, and I’d love to know how he writes such beautiful lyrics.

Style icon:
Lana Del Rey has great style, Suki Waterhouse and Alexa Chung too. My favourite is Katharine Ross in The Graduate. It’s one of my favourite films and one of my favourite people.

Billie’s WILD Wish:
To carry on doing music for as long as possible.

text by: The WILD

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