WILD Profile: Alannah Farrell, Almost Got Shot

Who: Alannah Farrell
What: Artist, Photographer
Where you were born: Kingston, NY
Where you live now: New York, NY

wild profile Allanah Farell photography

What she’s currently working on:
I just finished directing a music video “Bad Thief” with my partner Jared Oppenheim and Carl Adelson, video editor at Bullett Magazine, that we will show and release this winter through VirginAire. Collaborating with a partner in California, I’m finalizing the illustrations for quirky, magical children’s book. For the past year I’ve been modeling for other artists and photographers that inspire me. In addition to collaborative work, I’m working on a new series of photographs that focus on varying mental states, weakness, strength and personal narrative.

What good energy means to her:
Having healthy relationships with people, working on projects with creative teams, exploring and learning something new.

What she thinks there is too much of, and too little of:
Too much money and too little money. There are groups of people simultaneously living in two different worlds based on their financial state.

wild profile Allanah Farell photography

Who she’d like to go on a “ tête à tête” with:
Michael Jackson or David Bowie.

If she didn’t have her current occupation she’d be:
Playing piano.

On her life-to-do list:
Become bilingual or trilingual, travel as much as possible, learn how to drive.

If she were president:
I would probably be emotionally overwhelmed by the problems occurring in this country, but I would make changes that could affect many Americans daily: prioritize socialized healthcare, more money for food stamps, outlaw GMOs and all these artificial additives in food, ban fracking, create housing for the homeless, offer more effective and humane care for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals… and forgive student loans.

wild profile Allanah Farell photographyAbove photos by Stephane Coutelle

Her most striking moment:
I don’t think I’ve experienced it yet!

Her earliest memory:
My memory is generally bad, but I remember having a reoccuring dream about a menacing tree with a cartoon face.

What she considers a fashion “faux-pas”:
I think different colors, patterns and cuts work on different bodies. Personal styling is definitely important, however I have yet to see anyone look great in Uggs. I’d like to replace all the Uggs with something more absurd, maybe rainbow Moonboots.

What cracks her up:
Many situations crack me up, I don’t think I could get through life without seeing the absurdity and humor in it. Being out of place cracks me up. I was once hired as a photographer for high-powered businesswomen and women CEOs, which I’m pretty sure was a mistake when I showed up looking like a disheveled weirdo with a camera to this slick conference on Madison Ave. The whole event was really strange for me, but in the end they served champagne and I ended up meeting some interesting women.

The Wildest situation she’s ever experienced:
I had a lot of wild situations as a child growing up in rural upstate New York. The area I grew up in was truly the sticks: forested, beautiful, where coyote, cows and deer far outnumbered humans. My neighbor shot civil war canons and semi-automatic guns every Sunday while drinking beer, and another resident shot at me and a friend for trespassing when we were ten years old.

wild profile Allanah Farell photography

What she can’t you live without:
Coffee and love.

Who she’d like to grow old with:
My partner Jared, my family, my friends.

What she’d like to leave to a future generation:
Something meaningful that promotes creativity, humanity and benevolence.

Her next challenge:
Finishing my latest personal project.

Her Hero:
My mother for investing so much time and love into raising me. She’s an artist who on top of her work and being an exemplary mom to her kids, is an advocate for her community and the environmental wellness of New York State. I keep telling her to run for mayor!

Her WILD Wish:
To see global improvements within my lifetime. To see a shift towards honesty and equality.

wild profile Allanah Farell photographyPhoto by Sophia Wallace


text by: The WILD

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