November 17, 2014

WILD for PULSE: A look into Tom Fruin’s Studio

If you’ve ever traveled over the Brooklyn Bridge and gazed to the Brooklyn skyline during a sunny day, you might have seen a burst of colorful light coming from the roof of a waterside building. The small glass shed, made of a variety of colors of found glass sitting on the roof of his studio, is one of  Tom Fruin‘s beacons around the borough and is a staple of the city skyline. Fruin’s work collages found objects in a sculptural way and will be shown with Paul Loya at the upcoming PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Miami December 4-7th, 2014.


To celebrate PULSE’s 10 year anniversary and new location right on the beach, The WILD is taking an intimate look into the studios of some of the fair’s most exciting talent. We speak with Fruin in his Brooklyn studio, watching him work and taking a walk through the colorful glass houses he’s made there.


Interview by Michael Valinsky
Film by Livia Coullias Blanc
Music: “Two Over Ten” by Ducky

Special thanks to PULSE Miami, Paul Loya Gallery, Glenda Cortez, Kate Messinger, Tiana Web Evans, Austin Mill, Caitlin Britton, and Helen Toomer.

text by: The WILD

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