Whatchu Want From Homeboy Sandman?

by: Joseph Johnson

October 26, 2012

Homeboy Sandman WILD mag music

According to his bio, Homeboy Sandman is a musician from Queens, New York who is signed to Stones Throw and is pretty prolific when it comes to musical output. In the last five years he has released four albums, a 33-track mixtape and two EPs. Astoundingly, despite having such a huge amount of tracks under his belt, this phenomenal lyricist still manages to produce fresh rhymes that actually mean something.

Homeboy has just released a video for “Whatchu Want From Me?,” which comes from his First of a Living Breed album. We see the former schoolteacher strolling casually through the streets of New York, cooking food, cutting hair and fixing bikes, as he effortlessly rolls out the relentless, tongue-twisting lyrics of the track. With verses that tackle subjects as varied as lady-trouble, politics and the state of hip-hop, it’s notable that Homeboy often delivers his lines with a cheeky grin on his face. It has been a while since hip-hop has balanced strong lyrical content with a sense of humour and playfulness, but Homeboy Sandman is nailing it and it feels so right. Whatchu want from Homeboy Sandman? More of the same please.


“Whatchu Want From Me?” is available to download via Stones Throw.


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