What to See at Greenpoint Open Studios this Weekend

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Join the WILD in our hood for a tour of the best artwork of Greenpoint Open Studios, October 3-5 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Here are ten must see studios and artists to visit while you explore, and we hope to see you there!

tumblr_ncspplSTP61tftioto1_1280Libby VanderPloeg, Dusty Rose Vintage

tumblr_nad1fenGf21tftioto1_1280Rachel Rampleman, Fowler Arts, 67 West Street, #216

tumblr_nbm6lvF7nr1tftioto1_1280Buket Savci, Fowler Arts, 67 West Street, #216

tumblr_na6negdAK71tftioto1_r1_500Ivana Basic, Fowler Annex, 67 West Street, #317a

tumblr_nb7cr9sPXm1tftioto1_1280Abby Lloyd, Bedford Studios, 255 Calyer Street

tumblr_nb534uydRT1tftioto1_1280Paul S. O’Connor, Morgan Fine Arts, 649 Morgan Ave., #B-10

tumblr_nb6kabzl6t1tftioto1_1280Caycee Black, 67 West Street, #317a

tumblr_naxiuiAZLk1tftioto1_1280Amanda Browder, Leviton Bldg, 276 Greenpoint Avenue, 3rd Floor


OMG Webcats, 67 West Street, #203

tumblr_nahbv0OW8m1tftioto1_1280Karen Lee, 473 Porter Avenue, #22


text by: Kate Messinger

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