Say Hello to WAZ.,
the Man Behind the Music

Who: Ellis Wazeter, producer name WAZ.
Where he was born: Hershey, Pennsylvania
Where he lives now: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
What he does: Musician


More specifically… I produce hip-hop music in many forms. I’ve made everything from mashups to mixes. I now focus on making beats for a few of my friends that rap. My mashups mainly combine gangsta rap with alternative music to give off a new, chilled out vibe. My beats range from old-school sample-based to trap style.

I’m currently working on… finishing up two mixtapes with my friends/rappers Kayvon and Tone Pérignon. I produced every song on Kayvon’s mixtape, U4IC, which is expected to drop in September. I also produced most of Tone’s mixtape, which should be out in the coming month.

‘Silky’ is a song I produced for my good friend/rapper Kianu. He flows like water on the beat with his cryptic, space-funk flow.

Heavy rotation recently in my headphones… includes a lot of Mos Def and Travi$ Scott, along with underground producers Noah Rime$ and Knxwledge.

I find inspiration in… the productions of the late J-Dilla, MF Doom, and Freshman Adjustment Kanye West. I also find inspiration in old soul music and rare vinyls, which I often sample for beats.


Music to me is… a creative outlet and a rewarding pastime. It’s also a means of collaborating and developing profound creative relationships with other artists as well as connecting with listeners.

I hope to… continue to progress and learn as an artist, develop a more centralized and definitive sound, and share music more frequently.

‘Snowman (Waz Murder Track Remix)’ is a remix I did of the ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ song from Frozen. I call it the Murder Trap remix because the sample chops sound like the kids are screaming with fear over the dark trap banger.

I dream about… working with and gaining the respect of artists that I look up to, such as Mr. Carmack and Noah Breakfast. I also dream of gaining such a mastery of theory/production that I can make the beats in my head come perfectly to life.

My life right now is… work, education, and music.

My process is… finding inspiration from music and/or life experience, channeling that inspiration into an idea for a beat in my head, and recreating and expanding on that idea through the production phase. I then work with other artists to tweak the beat to their sound/flow and reach a final product.

Ellis’ WILD Wish:
To have a secret underground, super high-tech studio on some batcave shit.

‘Let It Be Musik’ is a mashup that I made a while back of the Beatles and Lil Wayne with me playing the electronic drums live in the background.

text by: Zoe Zaneteas

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