In the Mix // Wax Idols

Who: Hether Fortune of Wax Idols
Where she was born: Mars
Where she lives now: Hell
What she does: Musician/writer

How she capture ideas:
I use whatever tools I have available at the moment the idea hits me; whether that means trying to write it down in code, making a voice memo in my phone, grabbing a guitar, making a sketch, etc.

If she were a sound:
The sound of a mermaid screaming underwater through a fire filter.

She believes in:
Myself and some other people too.

There’s too much of, and too little of:
Too much greed, not enough humanity.

If she could see social disruption:
The whole structure would go.

Something great she’s read:
“Exiled” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Something great she’s seen:
David Bowie’s face

Heavy rotation:
Today, I listened to “Seconds” by Human League 6 times in a row.

She needs to change:
My mind.

Hether’s WILD wish:
I wish that I could leave the planet for a while and come back to a better world. I’d also like to have a translucent, opal-esque catsuit.


In the Mix track list

“Single K.O.” Wire
“Still Feels Like Tears” Broadcast
“Requiem Pour un Con” Serge Gainsbourg
“Vegas” Nico
“The World Fell” Var
“Tantalize” Chris & Cosey
“Machine Gun” Portishead
“Dark Fantasy” Kanye West mixed into “Mother of Pearl” Roxy Music

On tour

Oct. 24th – Lincoln, NE – Knickerbocker’s
Oct. 27th – Chicacgo, IL – The Empty Bottle
Oct. 28th – Detroit, MI – Marble Bar (w/ Blood Stone)
Oct. 31st – Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus (w/ Azar Swan & DJ Becka Diamond)
Nov. 2nd – Atlanta, GA – The Earl
Nov. 4th – Austin, TX – Mohawk
Nov. 5th – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tigers
Nov. 7th – Phoenix, AZ – TBA (w/ Body of Light & Ascetic House DJs)
Nov, 8th – Los Angeles, CA – Complex (w/ Pleasures & DJ Shannon Cornett)

text by: Blaine Skrainka

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