Watch the Making of Volcano Choir’s Forthcoming Album

by: Claire Voon

August 12, 2013

Four years ago, Volcano Choir released its first album Unmap, a nine-track collection birthed from the collaboration of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Wisconsin-based band Collections of Colonies of Bees.

Volcano Choir Repave The WILD Magazine

The group recently announced a new album, Repave, out on September 3 via Jagjaguwar, as well as its first North American tour. It’s also released a mini-documentary, a 10-minute clip directed by Dan Huiting that shows the band in the studio working on the album. Featuring bits and pieces of music from Repave and, of course, shot in the deep of hiver, the video includes interviews with members of the band as well as copious, beautiful shots of skeletal trees and snow-covered landscapes. The outfit touches upon how it pieced the album together, the experience of playing its first shows in Japan and its development into feeling more like an actual band. Aptly named, Repave represents Volcano Choir’s extension and growth as an experimental project into a solid, musical group as it progresses with a more deliberate and experienced effort.


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