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“Lo Noise,” one of the ten tracks on Walter TV’s debut LP Appetite, is apt in title and sound as a sample of the fuller album, equal parts vintage surf and psyche rock. The impression is timeless, spacey even, but not generic-sounding (surf rock often is). Following the album’s release, in 2014, Joe McMurray and Pierce McGarry, a duo at the time, crossed the continent from Vancouver to Montreal, making music and friends along the way. Simon Ankenman soon rounded out the trio on bass. McMurray and McGarry also spent time on the side as the backing band to Mac DeMarco, though, subsequent descriptions as musical doppelgängers are very overstated; Walter TV have a sound to their own, and it’s one that’s been polished for their sophomore record, Blessed, if the new single “Surf Metal” offers any clue. Ahead of the album’s release, Walter TV have shared a mixtape that takes us from Jean Michel Jarre to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Harry Nilsson. Men of few words, McMurray, Pierce, and Ankenman prefer to let the music speak for itself, and so, allow us to present Walter TV in the mix.

What’s behind the name?

Oh, not much. Just fascinated with the screen!

How does a song begin for Walter TV?

At 00:00.

Something great you’ve read:

Les demandes joyous.

How to survive a Canadian winter:

The buddy system works.

If you could add a member to Walter TV, who would it be?

Mark Ruffalo.

What’s on the horizon?

A seagull flapping in the wind, forever.

Blessed is out June 23rd on LP, CD, cassette tape and worldwide digital via Sinderlyn


text by: Blaine Skrainka

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