Walkin’ With Thundercat

by: Joseph Johnson

April 19, 2012

“Walkin’” by Brainfeeder artist Thundercat

For dwellers of the Northern Hemisphere, summer is coming, which means preparing a summer soundtrack is a necessary task. The perfect track to start off with is “Walkin’” by Brainfeeder artist Thundercat. This little gem comes from his Flying Lotus-produced debut album The Golden Age of Apocalypseand is yet another example of the type of unique and imaginative music Brainfeeder is pushing out into the musical stratosphere. The track combines jazzy influences with modern funk and doting lyrics like: “Each moment with you I adore. ‘Cause there is no one like you girl. I’m just a fool for you baby. I need you back home.” There’s no denying that Thundercat is bringing the sunshine vibes with this one.

Directors Holly and Kelly Port are responsible for the wonderful video, which sees Thundercat and his lady-friend taking a walk through their sunny, suburban neighbourhood and encountering some weird and wonderful residents along the way. There are cameos from friends and affiliates and even Shia LaBeouf (sort of), but the star of the show has to be the big boss himself, Flying Lotus, who can be seen shooting lasers from his eyes. If that all sounds a bit crazy, it is, but it’s all done in such a charming, low-budget way that you can’t help but smile.


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