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Visual Interview: A Poetic Interlude with Eric Amling

New York based artist and writer, Eric Amling is a master collage-maker. All of his work is constructed in his studio, White Jazz. Subtle and seductive, the work below is generated directly from the source material for his new work, as a response to certain evocative lines of poetry. His debut book of poetry, From the Author’s Private Collection, will be published in early 2015 by Birds, LLC.

Charles Olson, La Preface

“The closed parenthesis reads: the dead bury the bead, / and it is not very interesting.”

Olson-low res

Fernando Pessoa, Note

“I’ve more sensations now than when I felt I wall all me.”

Pessoa-low res

Clark Coolidge, XIII

“Would it be possible to find something to eat in this dream?”

Coolidge-low res

Jen Bervin, Nets

“In singleness the parts / Strike each in each / speechless song, being many, seeming one”

Bervin-low res

William Carlos Williams, The Pink Locust

“The poet himself, / what does he think of himself / facing his world?”

Williams-low res

Robert Creeley, Gnomic Verses

“No one/ Point/ To it/ Ever.”

Creeley-low res

Stan Brackage, I…Sleeping

“I started the conversation by pointing out that we are trained in this culture to skeep for meaning only midst crisis.”

Brackage-low res

Jorie Graham, Treadmill

“The road keeps accepting us. It wants us to learn “nowhere,” its shiny / emptiness, its smile of wide days, so swollen / with void, it really means it, this is not a vacation, it wants us.”

Graham-low res

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For more of  Eric’s work, view the slide show, and for more information go here or here!


text by: Michael Valinsky

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