by: Diego Martínez

March 19, 2012

Miss Lana Del Rey has endured some serious peaks and valleys since we last caught up with her. The New York sultry singer’s first LP “Born To Die”, released early this year, entered the top five in more than 20 countries including the U.S., where it debuted at number two on Billboard. She graced the covers of multiple magazines worldwide; from Wonderland, to Russian Interview and Vogue UK. Numerous listeners who were not aware of her blog buzz were drawn more and more to her dramatic style. Then came the nervous and shaky SNL performance, one that was declared by NBC anchor Brian Willams as one of the worst outings in the comedy show’s history. In the end, she probably got more attention than she could ever have bargained for.

The mixed reactions to her unique sound and overal approach has not slowed her down any bit. She’s scheduled to appear on the Isle of Wight and Hove festivals in June. In the meantime, Del Rey’s getting prepped up for the April release of her record’s third single “Blue Jeans”, accompanied by a beautifully-made Noir video – a reunion of sorts for Lana, director Yoann Lemoine, aka Woodkid, and actor/model Bradley Soileau.

The black and white clip is set around a 1950s-like swiming pool in the Hollywood Hills, with Lana sporting a one-piece swimsuit, looking far-away-eyed as usual. Soileau reprises the role of her desirable and passionate lover; more gator than human and still heavily tattooed. The rest is something made in the world of cinematic dreams: quick-cut editing techniques in and out of the water, make out sessions and, like “Born To Die”, the inminent tragic ending. This time, she is slowly pulled underwater by her significant reptilian other. Eerie but breathtaking all together.

Needless to say, both Lana Del Rey and Yoann Lemoine have made a stunning piece of work that can stand on its own aside most contemporary music videos. As for her career is concerned, she is far from being over and forgotten despite the backlashes. In our humble opinion, she’s just getting started and this brilliant video proves it.


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