Video Premiere – Bat For Lashes / Laura

by: Stephanie Roush

July 25, 2012

Bat for Lashes  The Haunted Man

It’s been a while since Bat for Lashes has released any new music, but Natasha seems to want us to ease back into our love affair with her music with “Laura,” her latest song. The music video and track, as well as the striking cover for her new album The Haunted Man (due out October 15), were released yesterday. The image of her perfectly bobbed dark hair and floaty peach-colored dress compliment the building sadness of the song. Continuing her trend of naming songs after people, the track commemorates the ephemeral Laura who “was more than a superstar.” Overall, the video, more strange than impressive, serves to ignite excitement for her upcoming album. The piano accompaniment is beautiful as are the vocals, but the track leaves something still to be desired, which may what be exactly she intended.


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