Video of the Week – Yuksek / The Edge

by: Joseph Johnson

July 12, 2012

Yuksek by Katie Chow for The WILD Magazine
Photo by Katie Chow

Ever wondered what it was really like to be a globetrotting pop star? Well, wonder no more, as Yuksek’s latest video for his track “The Edge” shows us the highs and lows of a worldwide tour. From long haul flights to sound checks, press interviews to onstage antics, this is more of a documentary than a music video, but it’s a really interesting insight into what being on the road entails. It may shatter a few illusions that people have of world tours though, as we see typical shots of beautiful scenery but also the endless car rides and repetitive airport check-ins.

The song, which drifts in and out with the footage, is a pretty upbeat electro pop number that comes from Yuksek’s second album, Living on the Edge of Time. The album has been described as the artist’s reaction to the loneliness of being on tour, so this video seems a rather appropriate accompaniment. Hopefully the making of both song and video has been a therapeutic process for Yuksek and he can find some joy in the enviable lifestyle he’s leading.

Check out the video below and an in-depth WILD interview with Yuksek here.


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