by: Diego Martínez

January 20, 2012

For all we know, Sebastien Tellier is an enigma. Though he has a decade’s worth of albums (eight in total since 2001) and has contributed for film, TV and videogame soundtracks, the French electronic master is very much a mysterious and unreachable character for most US record buyers. In his homeland, however, it’s a different story: he’s just as worshiped and criticized as Serge Gainsbourg was in his time.

These days, Sebastien is getting ready for his ninth LP and follow-up to “Sexuality”, “My God Is Blue”, due on April via Record Makers. Ahead of its release, he recently unleashed the first single/video off the set, one that exploits his Messiah-like image more than ever before (the long hair and bushy beard were always a total giveaway!).

“Pépito Bleu”, directed by the team of Sanghon Kim and Mathieu Tonetti, takes on the theme of the entire album: the birth of a spirit, “L’Alliance Bleue”, which spreads all over Earth reigning on the hearts of millions. As he hits the planet wearing a golden jacket and adorned with blue Pepito cookies, whatever that is, normal folks can’t help but follow the rare visitor, who chooses one lucky believer to receive the ultimate reward: eternal bliss. With the promise of “My God Is Blue” being his most profound project yet, we are seriously thinking of signing up for Tellier’s cult. Can we get an amen in here?


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