Video of the Week – Jesse Harris & The Sub Rosa Succubus

by: Blaine Skrainka

July 5, 2012

Jesse Harris iPhone series

Our Video, or in this case Videos, of the Week come from New York native, Jesse Harris. “I won’t Wait” and “Sad Blues” are the first two in a series of five videos shot and directed by Lyle Owerko on an iPhone. Harris himself took the footage and edited using iMovie, in true DIY-style. The first cut, “I Won’t Wait,” features vocals from indie troubadour Conor Oberst. Both clips showcase Dulcinea Del Dolorosa playing a role that Harris describes as “The Succubus.” In the first installment, Harris stares off with an empty gaze, brushing aside the siren’s advances. By part two, the descent into madness has already begun. We can’t wait for the next three videos to drop.  Sub Rosa hits record shops July 31.


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