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Nothing is Real Anymore:
Tyler Mitchell is Dying Slowly

Who: Tyler Mitchell
Where he was born: Atlanta, GA
Where he lives now: New York
What he does: Die slowly

tyler mitchell

How it all began:
Skateboarding with my friends when I was 15 and one day my friend Mike showed me what a Canon DSLR was. It was over from then on.

How he captures ideas:
My ideas are almost purely based on form and composition. Colors create more of a concept and mood to me.

If he were a sound:
Blood Orange’s synths.

He believes in:
I believe in being a little delusional and telling yourself insane things are going to happen in your life so that they do.


If he could see social disruption:
Gonna let the activism speak in the work this time around.

He needs to change:
I need to change at least one person’s life this year. If I do that I’ll be good.

Something great he’s read:
Society and the Spectacle. This crazy existentialist theory about how our reality is nothing but consumer and image driven and the more we rely on the image as representations of ourselves, the further from reality we get. It’s true.


The most interesting art today is made by:
Honestly myself, Shia Labeouf, and Scott Watts. Nobody else.

Heavy rotation:
Kevin Abstract. Clipse. TV Girl.

His most recent artistic reference:
All of Grace Wales Bonner’s editorials and look books. I’m gonna shoot something for them this year. Calling that now.


Favorite shot by his most admired photographer:
This photograph by Viviane Sassen of two South Africans intertwined. I think it’s in her book Lexicon. That book is $75 if anyone wants to get me a gift.

Why he takes photos:
Because nothing is real anymore. As a society we rely so much on photos. Our only reality is through images so I’m gonna create my own.

Where he finds peace:
On Twitter tbh. And in a coffee shop in New York three blocks away from my apartment.

Tyler’s WILD Wish:
To create something with Dev Hynes or to shoot a cover of a print magazine this year or to pass out from eating too much candy. Or all 3. I should probably be careful what I wish for.


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text by: Blaine Skrainka

photography by: Tyler Mitchell

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