by: Diego Martínez

July 10, 2011

Back in 1986, Madonna Louise Ciccone seemed to have a hard time trying to follow up an excellent post-disco debut album and a sophomore release that made her popularity explode on a global scale. It had to be tough, considering she had been ‘touched for the very first time’, then have everyone dressed like her, conquer Hollywood’s ultimate bad boy on a Marilyn-esque dress and suddenly become the star of two films (one a huge success, the other a giant flop pre-Gigli). There was nothing left to do, except the one thing she’s been really good at all this time: reinventing herself.

Photo by Herb Ritts

Her dirty blond flocks were sharpened into a glamorous short platinum hairdo, returned to her more girly ways, adopted a more serious outlook to her career and thus began that classic phase we now know as the “True Blue” era.

It’s hard to realize it, but the record that sold over 24 million copies, brought five chart-topping singles around the world (“Live to Tell”, “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Open Your Heart”, the title track and “La Isla Bonita”) and ensured her place as the top female artist of her day, has just turned 25 this past June 30. To celebrate this accomplishment, the Queen of Pop herself is calling her devotees to lip-synch to their favorite “True Blue” song and upload their video via YouTube, in the hope of winning a personalized signed copy of the album.

Where’s the Party? Apparently is in the video below. To those about to participate, good luck! (And hurry, the contest ends in July 18)


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