by: Joseph Johnson

July 21, 2012

There have been some great collaborations in the history of music: Bowie and Queen, Jackson and McCartney, Aerosmith and Run DMC, to name but a few. And it seems the chance of working with other talented folks is still an attractive proposition for artists today. The pairing of the utterly sublime Scottish DJ/producer Hudson Mohawke and the super-energetic Canadian producer/party starter Lunice is a transatlantic match made in heaven.

TNGHT Profile, Wild Mag

Working under the name TNGHT, the duo’s self-titled EP is out on Monday and in anticipation of the release of one of 2012’s hottest collaborative efforts, they’ve blessed fans with the raucous “Higher Ground”. Those familiar with Lunice and Hud Mo’s solo work will be all over this track, which features ground-shaking bass, piercing drum hits, sumptuous synths and the repeated sample “reaching for higher ground”, which all work together to give the track a frenetic energy.

The ability to make bangers seems second nature to the twosome, who are quick to discourage those journalists and fans that try to put their music into single categories like “trap” or “bass music”. Instead, TNGHT prefer to do their own thing and take inspiration from all the music they like, as Lunice said in a recent interview: “I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to be one thing, I like to appreciate certain elements and then put it in my production and mix stuff.” This type of openness to experimentation inevitably gives an added depth to their sound and could have been a factor in the two getting together in the first place. Whatever you call their music, there is one word that can, without argument, describe TNGHT’s sound and that is “dope.”

TNGHT EP is out Monday 23rd/24th April on Warp x Lucky Me.


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