There is No Light Without Darkness

by: Robin Newman

July 2, 2012

Lisa Solberg Stalker, Wild magazine

LA based artist Lisa Solberg presents an exhibit titled STALKER, now on view at the gallery THIS. Solberg, who’s known for large scale paintings, has built an installation immersed in different volumetric mediums, something more sculptural. The installation was completed by Solberg working intensely alone in her studio, one piece at a time. This process differed from her usual one in which she fluctuates between paintings. To pull this project through, Solberg said she had to make a “conscious submission to darkness.” The installation is made out of reflective, almost metallic panels of insulation board, chosen for its reflective and sculptural qualities. The panels cover the gallery walls, allowing the viewer to be enthralled in the shifting light of oil paintings, drawings and carved panels, with images such as Mythological medusas, skulls, eyes and pyramids. The panels also features dark, at times slightly disturbing texts like “Fight me and I’ll kill you Love me and I’m yours,” “Predator” and “Sacrifice.” The work is dark, but also fantastical – honest in its expressiveness.

5906 North Figueroa Street, until July 14th 2012.

Lisa Solberg Stalker


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