The Origin Of Pants (In Stop-Motion)

by: Kate Messinger

August 30, 2012

The Origin of Pants Wild Magazine

Before there were Harem pants, or patterned pants, or even MC Hammer pants, there were… pantaloons. The origin of pants (if you ever wondered) has an interesting history that, like most histories, is best told in beautiful stop-motion. Luck for our brains, Myriapod Productions has created an awesome series of short stop-motion videos called Mysteries of Vernacular which explore the often bizarre history of a singular word. From Assassin to Hearse to Pants, the collection will eventually be comprised of 26 videos, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Each video is fashioned out of an old book and takes up to 80 hours to create, research and construct. Six of the videos are being shown now at IFC Theaters in New York City and soon all will be displayed in the sites library.

Why try to impress your friends with pop culture news when you can enlighten them about the strange connection between the word Assassin and hashish? Now who wears the cool pants?


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