The Ethical Woman Beneath

A secret sanctuary underneath it all to feel fierce and comfortable throughout the day.  What more could a woman ask for?


Let’s be honest. Most women keep their “lingerie” balled in the back of the undies draw, only to be reached for on that special occasion. But this is not your typical lingerie. There’s no constructive hardware, no restricting lace, or awkwardly placed bows. These are simple and feminine underpinnings to help you feel sexy from the inside out. These are the best foundational garments made by clever designers thinking of every aspect—from the fabrics they use, to the people and places they make them, and the women that wear them. And when your values can agree with a great product, it becomes something of a small harmony, within and without.


Marginalized by the mainstream, ethical fashion is now taking the spotlight. So, here are seven of our favorite ethical lingerie lines, with more sophistication than you ever ould have imagined. Enjoy a new brand of luxury.



NaïS delivers no facade. What you see is what you get: easy to wear collections with an edge. “We are purveyors of innovative lingerie made exclusively in New York. From one-of-a-kind, cheeky loungewear to undergarments you’ll want to show off, NaïS is a Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand that exudes the unconventional,” says founder Anaïs Bouchard.


Clare Bare


When a passion for vintage textiles leads to mountain high piles in your studio, where do you go next? For Los Angeles based Clare Bare, it was an eco-friendly lingerie line made from bamboo jersey and those vintage fabrics.


Produced locally, with a dedication to sustainable design practices, and never made with restricting hardware, Clare Bare is comfortable and flattering to the body. The well-rounded collection is a beautiful balance of form and function including soft cup bras, boy shorts, vintage inspired high waisted pieces, garter belts, rompers, bodysuits, and swimwear. In other words, everything a girl could ever need.





Not over-the-top tacky, and not practically boring. NICO underwear minimizes their impact on the environment and makes all of their garments in Australia under ethical conditions—they were actually the first Australian underwear brand to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. “With us, it’s about good looks and good karma.”





The new release of Botanica Workshop’s line of sophisticated underpinnings with clean lines and sustainable roots is something to be excited by.


After over a decade of designing in London and NYC, founder Misa has returned to her roots in Los Angeles to launch a collection of organic and sustainable personal items. Focusing on organic cotton and silk underwear for women, all the lovely products are sourced, designed and produced with care in the USA.




For sensuality and glamour, look no further than Charini. Inspired by founder Charini Suriyage’s Sri Lankan heritage, she’s focused on sex appeal, the environment, and supporting small artisan communities within her native homeland. (Never imagined those concepts would come in the same sentence did you?)


Each piece is carefully crafted from luxury reclaimed materials in harmony with traditional Sri Lanka artisan hand woven silks and trims. The outcome? A unique synergy of art, architecture, and a love for people and the planet.




Fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign, Najla is the modern incarnation of a family lingerie business dating back to 1920. Founder Emma Bowen is reviving the tradition in a contemporary ethical lingerie line. Working closely with a NYC-based network of producers, selling directly via their online shop and committing to using sustainable materials and championing transparency, Najla is old world class made for a modern woman.


Luva Huva


If you are looking for lace and grace, Luva Huva are your lingerie ladies. Their beautiful, handmade clothing uses ethically sourced and sustainable fabrics wherever possible, like 100% organic cotton, bamboo, and soy fabrics, along with end of line remnants, and vintage lace.


Celebrating elegant feminine style whilst also providing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the often wasteful fashion industry, all of Luva Huva’s products are hand made in the UK.




Bazsarózsa was born of the idea that a woman should be able to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. Seeing the details as the big picture, designer and founder, Enikö Bázsa, adds subtle touches that make the local-NYC produced line a personal favorite.


The collection consists of soft organic cotton jersey bras, camis and panties which embrace a feminine sensibility with a modern fit and feel.


*bazsarózsa (baj-sha roj-sha) is the hungarian word for peony flower, and coincidentally encompasses the designer’s surname.


All Bazsarózsa photos by Flora Hanitijo

All photos courtesy of the brands featured

text by: Juliette Donatelli

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