The Dirty Projectors’ “Hi Custodian” is a Cinematic Trip

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

September 6, 2012

Dirty Projectors new Indie Movie Hi Custodian

The Dirty Projectors are already world famous for their experimental indie rock, but did you know they’re film makers now as well? “Hi Custodian” is the first ever short film to come out of the band’s critically acclaimed album Swing Lo Magellan. “Hi Custodian” will premiere tonight at NYC’s Landmark Sunshine Cinemas immediately followed by a Q&A session with David Longstreth, writer and director and Projectors’ frontman, Bobby Bukowski, the director of photography, and the other members of the band. The screening will be hosted by Pitchfork.TV in collaboration with Youtube, both of which will debut the short film online the following day.

Longstreth described “Hi Custodian” as a film, “made out of a dream…it’s that thing when you think you’re going to vomit a little rainbow, but then you cough and spit up a whole living breathing new born child instead.” The film was shot over five days in April in Southern California and follows a metaphysical narrative of the spiritual death and rebirth of each Dirty Projectors’ members. The trailer depicts a series of surreal, magical images all intertwined over lip-synched tracks from Swing Lo Magellan. Each member of the band plays a string of characters; Amber Coffman becomes a “lost and lonely searcher,” as well as a girl from the British Midlands, and sister Fates alongside fellow band mate Haley Dekle. David Longstreth plays a yōkai, or an undead shape-shifter in Japanese folklore, while Nat Baldwin plays everything from a truck driver to a newborn child. Besides offering a trippy, visual interpretation of their music, “Hi Custodian” will also feature several alternate recordings of songs from Swing Lo Magellan in addition to other new and unreleased tracks.

Dirty Projectors Hi Custodian Digi Poster for film


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