The Best Of The Watermill Center Summer Benefit

P16-9561409896_d46c4a06b0_o_FROM-LUCIE-2012Photo by Lucie Jansch

Next week, theater and visual artist Robert Wilson’s interdisciplinary art space, The Watermill Center, will hold an art auction benefiting their artist residency program. With works by Daniel Arsham, Richard Barnes, Susan Meiselas and many more, the night will include installations and performances across the beautiful Long Island property, attracting patrons of the arts across the world. The works in the auction, all available on Artsy, are a diverse collection, as vibrant as the center itself. Check out our favorite pieces and stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at the event on July 26th!

largeDERRICK ADAMS, Head Study, Figure Plate, 4, 2011

large-2FARLEY AGUILAR, Portrait of Boy, 2014

large-1DANIEL ARANGO, Holy K gays cereal and Holy K straights cereal, 2013

large-3DANIEL ARSHAM, Ash Eroded Cassette Tape, 2014

large-4JEFF BARK, Pull Down, 2014

large-5RICHARD BARNES, Murmur No. 1, 2005

large-6HANS BREDER, Ophelia, 1971

large-7SUSAN MEISELAS, Shortie On the Bally, Barton, Vermont 1974, 1974

large-8AGANETHA DYCK, Green Hand, 2010-2011

large-9JUSTIN MOTT, Cultural Bliss, A model swims underwater past an elephant and a mahout at a private home in Phuket, Thailand, 2011

large-10GINA VASQUEZ, Rebirth, 2014

large-11SCOTT ZIEHER, Untitled, 2012

text by: The WILD

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