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The Alter-Ego of AMXANDER

The menswear mavericks, AMXANDER are bridging the gap within the menswear market in Australia. Through inventive use and creations of textiles, the brand is modernizing menswear by challenging traditional design with new texture and technique. AMXANDER hopes to have an international impact on the global menswear market by injecting their unique style of clothing into the current fashion circulation. Read more of what they have to say below.


Explain the origin of AMXANDER. What is the main goal/concept for the brand?

The label AMXANDER was formed around the ideas and input from a few close friends whom come from various design and design-related marketing backgrounds. All of us joined with the goal of bringing a new light within the menswear market, which is especially under represented in Australia. We have noticed that there has been a drastic shift in the once static high-end market that resulted in contemporary labels really making an impact on the fashion scene. The radical shift in fashion saw generation X & Y grow in appreciation for clothing and what it represents. Thus, we wanted to be part of this revolution and created AMXANDER. Our main idea revolves around the fact that the menswear market doesn’t shift around trends as much as womenswear – as such, our collections are based on a ‘theme’ rather than being a seasonal inclusion. You’ll notice that our collections all feature classic menswear silhouettes (the tee-shirt, sweatshirt, etc) and each collection uses prints, textiles and other techniques to bring forth the theme that the collection is named after. For example, our first collection, Shatter, revolved around digital manipulation and design and our second collection, Hounds, revolved around the classic houndstooth motif.


Through each collection what is the starting point of the process?

I usually articulate ideas from what I experience everyday. I am a very ‘visual’ kind of person. Random things that capture my attention from day to day life – whether it be a well dressed stranger or things that I see on media. I am not one who is fixated to where I draw my inspirations from; it is something that is ever changing.

How do you come up with the theme for each collection?

Linking to the starting process, I read our collection themes as responses to the ideas and thought processes my team and I would have had at that point of time. I am not the most colorful person in terms of appearance, but I do enjoy designing for ‘Xander’ who is sort of my alter ego and a visualization of our target client.


What aspects of the collection do you consider in order to expand the brand’s reception globally?

Functionality and tran-seasonality are aspects we emphasize quite a bit in the AMXANDER studio. To keep up and fulfill the needs of our global clients, we run the extra mile to ensure that the garments in our collections are function-driven and can be worn most times of the year. There is definitely something for someone no matter who you are no matter what season of year it is.

How has the Australian menswear fashion market allowed for you to start this brand and why?

In comparison to the existing fashion capitals of the world, there are still lots of aspects of growth in Australia especially in the menswear field. Being nominated one of the most livable countries in the world, as culture evolves fashion has grown its presence within the identity younger generation in the past decade. We saw this as an opportunity and decided to give it a shot; exposing what Australian culture is about to the world in the form of fashion – a language with no barrier.


What do you consider personal style to be?

I’m not the most colorful person when it comes to dressing; I love my monochromatic hues, and classic menswear colors such as Navy and Sand – That’s basically my wardrobe palette. I lean towards oversized cuts a lot; looking good and feeling comfortable is equally important.

Which to you is more important, aesthetic or concept?

A balance of both.

You have a very well curated instagram, how important is social media to you as a brand and why?

I will not deny that I myself am an instagram addict; I guess this makes managing our instagram much more pleasurable. I think we can all agree that social media is a very important marketing tool in the fashion industry today. As an ongoing independent designer label, it is a must that we make full use of these platforms to exposure ourselves and gain maximum exposure. We have been lucky since the very beginning and these platforms have worked to our favor and opened doors to whole lot of unexpected opportunities.


In creating the visuals for the brand, what aspects do you consider?

Cohesiveness, Consistency and Consumer Input

Many companies and brands often have flagship stores to solidify their status in the fashion industry, is this something you are considering? if so/ if not, why?

The one thing that we think a flagship store would help us with is to help us with engaging and providing our clients the AMXANDER experience. Fortunately, we live in an age where our digital platforms can help articulate some of these elements. This is definitely something we would like to explore once the brand has found stronger roots.

FINAL_v1-Amxander SS16-IMG_0760-Edit

What’s next for AMXANDER?

We are working on some collaborations at the moment, hence it is an exciting time for us here at the label. For example, we will have a ‘takeover’ event with a local café, Little Rogue, during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, where we will be providing visitors with a multi-sensory experience. We have also invested heavily in our fabrication and finishing quality for the next season, and are working with some new partners to help us spread our new collections in key markets.

Photography by Vikk Shayen
Model: Felix Mallard
Hair and Makeup by Wanda Waller
Art Direction by Rong Jake Chen

text by: Avinash Hirdaramani

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