Terra NY’s Sexy Raincoats

by: Yevgeniya Yelkina

May 19, 2012

One of the WILD’s contributors Britt Kubat, along with her partner Charles Billot, recently produced an editorial video for Terra New York Raincoats. Inspired by a childhood dream that it can rain indoors, their vision comes to life in the short film. It features model Madeline Kragh, donning the brands sheer, sexy raincoats inside a rainy room. Billot and Kubat created a very laid back atmosphere, with books and various other knick-knacks scattered around.

Terra New York Raincoats
Photo courtesy of Terra New York.

We started to brainstorm ideas to create an environment of RAIN in unconventional conditions,” Kubat said. “Indoors. Inside a room. Considering that Terra NY is a pretty fashion forward brand, we wanted to give this edge and fashion approach to featuring the raincoats, so our ideas for the design of the set and styling were influenced by this as well.”

Terra NY took a modern classic, modernizing it and adding plenty of sex appeal. Mostly focusing on trench coat-type styles, their raincoats are tough, sexy, and very functional. Offered in neutral colors, Terra NY’s stylish outerwear is designed for fashion-conscious chic seekers, as well as function-loving enthusiasts. They are 100 percent waterproof, using a heat-sealed technique for the seams to stop water.

Kubat and Billot merged their experiences in film, photo, and fashion production to team up a few months ago to create their company Kubat & Billot, which focuses mainly on video and photo-based work. The duo combines their international and domestic backgrounds to propel their passions forward. Billot grew up in a suburb of France and South East Asia, and Kubat is from Indiana, living in New York.

For their next project, they will be working on a music video for Brooklyn-based electro-acoustic duo, Live Footage.

To shop the looks, visit: terranewyork.com

For more information on Billot & Kubat, visit: kubatbillot.com


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