Take Me to the Velodrome

by: Joseph Johnson

August 10, 2012

From the opening ceremony of London’s 2012 Olympic Games, it was clear the organisers wanted not only to show-off Britain’s sporting talent, but to also remind the world of the amount of incredible music that comes from these tiny Isles. Along with officially commissioned theme songs by groups like Muse and Delphic, there have been some fantastic BBC montages each day, which have married the worlds of sport and music in perfect harmony.

Take Me to the Velodrome WILD Mag

One of the best official songs comes from dance music supremos, The Chemical Brothers, whose track “Velodrome” has been played in the velodrome before every session. As the Brits have dominated in the cycling events in these Games, it only seems fitting to have such a pounding tribute to this awesome arena. The track is synth heaven and is clearly influenced by the work of electronic demigods, Daft Punk and Kraftwerk.

The video, made by digital agency Crystal CG, is the perfect visual accompaniment to the track with graphics that look like they came straight out of the movie “Tron.” The combination of audio and visuals unite to create that stirring sense of excitement that one feels when watching the performance of the awe-inspiring athletes who lock horns in the velodrome. 


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