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Surf Meets Punk in Sean Bernhardt’s Bad Ass Illustrations

Based in New Jersey, apparel collective Evil Paradise is making waves in the most untraditional of ways.


Blending icons from surf culture with a DIY punk attitude, illustrator Sean Bernhardt gives chill beach bum imagery a bad ass makeover. With a line of one-of-a-kind dyed fabrics, custom surf gear and intricately hand sewn and screen printed bags and tees, Evil Paradise is dedicated to the individuality of each piece from production to wear. By combining iconic images like evil eyes, snakes and sculls that could be straight off a biker’s tattooed bicep with a laid back surfer attitude, Bernhardt’s work perfectly clashes cultures in the most wearable way.

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Sean’s WILD Wish:

I think my dream for Evil Paradise would be being able to work it full-time, traveling and running our own store-front/collective in Jersey. We want to just keep it fun, be successful and keep living, surfing and creating, revolving around what we enjoy in life. Stoke!

EVIL PARADISE from Corey Frank.

Photographs by Sean Bernhardt, Corey Frank and Teddy Weiland.

text by: The WILD

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