by: Diego Martínez

July 17, 2011

Recently, lots of acts are going animated to promote their latest singles. First it was Belle & Sebastian, the Scotland band who commanded Lesley Barnes to put some color and puppetry into Richard X’s remix of “I Didn’t See it Coming”, the last song off 2010′s “Belle and Sebastian Write About Love” (previously published on a post here on The Wild). Now it is Sufjan Stevens’ turn.

The Detroit native has decided to take on the role of Director in the clip for “Get Real Get Right”, a track included in his ninth studio album, “The Age of Adz”. Though the record was released in October of last year, Stevens never ceases to amaze us with his endless creativity and imagination. Proof of that is this video, a stop-motion, sci-fi extravaganza that revisits the artwork of “The Age of Adz”, featuring strange warriors that unleash a deadly spacey battle, all in the midst of glitter (lots of it) and an array of paper-made figures.

It’s both slightly confusing and entertaining, as only Sufjan Stevens could deliver. Enjoy the clip!

Get Real, Get Right from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.


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