Lost in a Bodega with Strange Names

No this is not a throwback, the New York-based band’s debut album Use Your Time Wisely, reflects the nostalgic sound of an era in music where inhibitions were rare and denim overalls were abundant. Strange Names is bringing the 80s synth sound back to the millennials with their new video for “I Can’t Control Myself,” premiered here. Check out their answers and video below.

Who: Strange Names
Where they were born: The band was born in Minneapolis.
As individuals we hail from nearby & far away places.
Where they live now: Brooklyn, NY
What they do: Don’t you recognize us from Mystery Science Theater?


The meaning behind their band name:
There’s a cool and uncomfortable dead space when someone introduces themselves to you, but you can’t understand them—and for the rest of the night you both have an eye-contact understanding that neither of you knows who each other is.

If they could describe their sound in one word:

Style icons:
Liam: Bernard Sumner in his pajamas
Francis: A father figure
Fletcher: Toshinori Kondo

What they’re most excited about this year:
The answer is almost always judgement day.

Their favorite lyric they’ve ever written:
Actually this is a good time to say that we wrote both “Won’t Back Down” AND “Stay With Me.”

Heavy rotation presently in their headphones:
Liam: Indoor Life’s self-titled record.
Francis: The Whispers’ Rock Steady.
Fletcher: Ed Ethics.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.58.56 AM

Highlight of 2015 so far:
Double-fisting hot dogs in the nosebleeds at MSG for Fleetwood Mac.

What they believe in:
We have to ask our parents.

Their most recent artistic reference:
Our next video will likely be reminiscent of a John Waters or Paul Morrissey movie.

What best describes their aesthetic:
Gothic breakfast.

Strange Names’ WILD Wish:
Robotic limb.

text by: Katie Chow & Avinash Hirdaramani

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