Stiff Cotton or the Art of Cum Rags

by: Joseph Isho Levinson

September 13, 2012

Stiff Cotton

Late August saw the rise of newcomer Victor Jeffreys II into top billing ranks. His first solo exhibition Stiff Cotton (curated by Anne Huntington) ran at a pop up gallery in Chelsea, NYC, at the artist favorite 150 Eleventh Ave. building (soon to be the subject of a documentary by Jeffreys himself). The show deals with the concept of use, the things that have been used for something in the past acquire new uses and evolve into different forms. Stiff Cotton deals with Jeffreys’ own cum rags, old T-shirts that at one time or another had been used in that personal fashion. The T-shirts have been screen printed with the artist’s own image, and mounted on wood or hung on a nail. Victor took us on a tour of his exhibition:


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