Stand Up For Fashion

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

October 21, 2012

Stand Up For Fashion, or STUFF, is a new organization founded by model, journalist, activist, and UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Yomi Abiola, as an effort to harness all of the influence, resources, and energy of the fashion industry and channel it into work that will hopefully one day change society and the world for the better.

Yomi Abiola STUFF WILD Fashion

On October 24 in New York City, STUFF will celebrate its official launch by bringing together some of these fashion insiders and influential tastemakers to discuss the future of fashion and its role as a socially responsible force to bring about positive change in the world.

STUFF will focus its efforts on global education, engaging young women in a dialogue about health, self-perception, and diversity, as well as focusing on awareness within the fashion community of practices and choices being made that are negatively influencing society. The organization will also work with major players in the industry to create and implement a plan of action to improve the dangerous and underpaid working conditions under which most of these garments are created, and, in general, to improve fashion’s image and sense of social responsibility in a world where its influences are already so heavily felt.

STUFF is exactly the type of organization fashion has needed for a long time; a group that will hold it accountable for its actions and harness all of that power and prestige into something that will do real, tangible good for people all over the world.


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