Spike Jonze’s New Movie ‘Her’ is Freaky and Predictable

by: Bianca Ozeri

August 12, 2013

Summer is soon coming to a close. It’s sad, but it also means that soon all the shitty movies will make their way out of theaters and be replaced with their better, if not more tolerable, autumnal counterparts. Among them—or so the trailer suggests—is the most Spike Jonziest Spike Jonze film yet, Her.

The WILD Magazine - Spike Jonze

The story tells of the romance between a lonely writer (Joaquin Phoenix) and his artificially intelligent operating system, voiced—with every morsel of sultry “Let’s pretend I’m completely unaware of my allure” intention she can manage—by Scarlett Johansson. Amy Adams plays Phoenix’s confidante, Rooney Mara makes appearances in marital flashbacks, and even though my instinct was to vomit all over my keyboard after watching the trailer, the movie will probably be fan-fucking-tastic.

Now, if you’re the socially coherent, self-aware type, chances are your panties are in a twist at the very thought of anthropomorphized technology and/or Spike Jonze. But the guy, I must say, has a point. The majority of us spend more time in the day attentive to operating systems than to people. I have friends who literally sleep with their phones—“I only wake up if my alarm is directly under my pillow!!!” they cry like a maggot with vocal cords. I think this—if you couldn’t already tell by my larval simile—is a big problem.

Anyways, hopefully Jonze’s grotesque little humputer (human-computer) love story will get us thinking about that. But, prob not. Prob we’re all going to love our gigabyte sandwiches even more when we leave the theater. Prob people are going to find a way to fuck the little charger hole.


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