Sleigh Bells / End of the Line

by: Stephanie Roush

August 27, 2012

Sleigh Bells End of the Line

For one of the more melancholy tracks of her latest album Reign of Terror, “End of the Line” shows us that not only can Alexis Krauss vamp it up in a floor length vintage white dress, but she can also ride a BMX bike.

As the video begins, we see the video’s director, Derek Miller, on a yellow BMX bike with a similarly yellow electric guitar slung around his neck. Donning a jean jacket and jeans, Derek preemptively spins his bike pedals as we hear the first drops of the song. Between Krauss’ red lipstick and jet black hair and Derek’s nonchalant bike riding, the video’s aesthetic compliments the song’s sad lyrics so well.

While nothing too crazy happens, the “End of the Line” video proves that Sleigh Bells’ softer side does still exist. And if after watching the video you still don’t have a crush on Miss Krauss, there might be something wrong with you…


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