Save Some Farm Animals With John Bartlett

by: Jennifer Eve Eisner

August 9, 2012

That’s right, animal rights activist John Bartlett is back with another t-shirt capsule collection, and this time he has teamed up with Farm Sanctuary, North America’s largest farm animal protection organization. The limited edition black tees, which feature a bleached silhouette of either a chicken, cow, or pig, also feature a staggering statistic on the sleeve.

John Bartlett  Farm Sanctuary  t-shirt capsule collection,

Animal lovers, stop reading now, because the sleeve-stat represents the 9,000,000,000 chickens, 110,500,000 pigs, or 35,000,000 cows slaughtered annually in America. Since 10 percent of all proceeds will be donated to Farm Sanctuary’s nonprofit lifesaving work, you can help do your part to lower these numbers by purchasing one of “The Ambassador Collection” tees. T-shirts have been on sale since Monday, and at only $40 a tee, help John Bartlett and Farm Sanctuary save some farm animals.

T-shirt are on sale exclusively at John Bartlett


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