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December 15, 2014

Sandra Winther Gets Visual with Opening Ceremony

Who: Sandra Winther
Where she’s from: Copenhagen, Denmark
Where she lives now: New York
What she does: Video art

Sandra Winther

Her first experience with art:
Being at my parent’s cabin north of Copenhagen, deep in the woods. I would be painting outside in the nature while secretly smoking cigarettes. I wasn’t very good at painting at the time, but I liked it a lot.

What she thinks there’s too much and too little of:
Still life is cool but the world needs more motion.

Who or what influences her work:
My former mentor Quentin Jones (filmmaker and mixed-media artist) has been a big inspiration for me. She’s an artist first and a filmmaker second, and that’s what makes her films so special. Working with her I gained confidence in myself as an artist working with mixed media to create films.
I like going to exhibitions, watching movies and listening to music. Inspiration is everywhere. I get very influenced by who or what I’m working with on a particular project too. For my video for Calvin Klein x Opening Ceremony I got super inspired by all the wooly fabrics and went with this idea of creating a ‘yarn’ universe.

If she were another person, place or thing it would be:
An astronaut or a professional skydiver. I have a thing for heights.

What she’s obsessed with:
My latest obsession is creating 3D visuals from physical artwork – just did some on a Travi$ Scott music video. There’s something really cool about making a drawing, painting or collage and make it move in 3D space. It’s mixing two worlds together – a crafty intuitive one with a super technological one. It makes the art come to life in a totally new way.

Who her style icon is:
Lisa ‘left eye’ stands out to me. Her style and vibe was a powerful combination. R.I.P. Lisa.

What she’s currently working on:
I have two music videos coming up. The artists are very different from each other, so that’s really exciting.
I love creating with other talented individuals, who have a style of their own that I have to work from.

Sandra’s WILD Wish:
To be as happy with what I’m doing many years from now. I want to travel the world with my art, surf part-time, have a happy family, an all blue wardrobe and a lot of sneakers.

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text by: Kate Messinger

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