Premiere: ‘R4VIN’ in Nature with Iceland’s Samaris

The end of August is like a Sunday night that lasts two weeks, plagued by the pressure to make up for lost time and somehow relax as much as possible while also improving everything about your life before the return of work or winter. Reykjavik synth trio Samaris capture that feeling in their cinematic new video for “R4VIN,” a tribute to Icelandic raving from their latest LP Black Lights. Rather than hitting the club, the band is more into communing with nature, balancing their cozy sound against expansive shots of mountains and a seaside sunset, directed by Timothée Lambrecq.

“The song came together last summer,” singer Jófríður Ákadóttir tells us via email. “We were so high on endless sunlight, working away in the studio from evening until morning but had really no idea what time it was. The lyrics came afterwards, reflecting on those days and the disoriented feeling, like it was some kind of an extended rave. Tim is a good friend of ours and had the idea seemingly out of nowhere. We just got a call one day to come out to this video shoot, then he and Doddi (production) had been out all day driving and filming. The result is Tim’s beautiful take on raving in Icelandic summer!”

If that’s also your idea of a party, Samaris is for you.

“When I saw Doddi wearing this outfit at a rave, I immediately knew how the video was going to look like,” Lambrecq adds. “It was fitting perfectly the album vibe! Using fast and slow cuts mixed with closeups of Icelandic textures intercut with a performance of the girls against the beauty of the midnight sun, the whole video becomes a r4ve itself.”

69170035 (credit Netti Hurley) (1)

Like all the best minimal electronic music, there’s an innate warmth to “R4VIN” that will make it sound just as good–maybe even better–in January. (See also: How To Dress Well, Jessy Lanza, Banoffee.)

Black Lights is out now on One Little Indian. Follow Samaris on Facebook and Twitter for more


text by: Katie Chow

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