Saddle Up With Azealia Banks

by: Joseph Johnson

June 14, 2012

Azealia Banks Licorice video premiere

Azealia Banks is a Harlem girl, so it might be surprising to see her clad in leather chaps and riding a horse in a Wild West-themed video. But that’s exactly what you get when you watch the fantastic new clip directed by fashion photographer Rankin. With Rankin’s artistic eye and Nicola Formichetti’s styling, it’s a real visual feast that has touches of Tarantino and even Russ Meyer.

“Liquorice” carries on where “212” left off and features Banks’ distinctive rapid-fire flow and a throwback 90s dance beat that manages to be retro and current at the same time. The simple chord progression and overall summery vibe almost guarantee that this will be on heavy rotation at clubs and on radio stations over the summer. Both the song and the video for “Liquorice” build on Azealia Banks’ upward trajectory as an artist and only further add to the anticipation of her forthcoming full-length album.


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