by: Diego Martínez

August 8, 2011

It’s a bit weird thinking about shopping options for the upcoming holidays when we’re about four months away for that to actually happen, but three music acts are giving us reasons to make our gift list a bit sooner. Let’s start off with The Smiths, those legendary Manchester rockers whose style is very much relevant to this day. On October 3rd, Rhino Records will unleash the most elaborated look-back at the band, featuring everything they ever recorded.

“The Smiths Complete – Deluxe Collectors Box Set” will include remastered versions of all four studio albums in both CD and vinyl (plus the ‘live’ disc “Rank” and three compilations), reproductions of their 25 7-inch singles, a DVD with all their music videos, liner notes, posters and artwork. Each record has been taken back to original tape sources by Johnny Marr and Frank Arkwright at the world famous Metropolis Studios in London.

Just as comprehensive it is U2′s forthcoming reissue of the epic “Achtung Baby”, which turns 20 this year. The set will come in multiple formats, aimed at different types of fans: The puzzle-tield “Uber Deluxe Edition” is bound to be the most expensive, with six CD’s (including “Achtung Baby”, follow-up “Zooropa”, B-sides, outtakes and reworked material from the original sessions), four DVD’s, five 7-inch singles, art prints from the album sleeve, a 84-page book, a magazine, four badges, a sticker sheet and (YES!) a replica of Bono’s “The Fly” sunglasses.

For those who don’t want all of it, you can take the “Super-Deluxe” version with the CD’s, the DVD’s, the art prints and the book. Or maybe just the regular CD with no extra bits.

Last but certainly not least, it’s the originator that also turns 20 on 2011: Nirvana’s epoch-defining “Nevermind” is set to be reissued on September 5th as a deluxe 5-disc edition celebrating the 20th anniversary of its original release, with a collection of previously unheard recordings, rarities, b-sides, radio sessions, live performances and an unreleased concert on DVD.

No word still on the track list, but as far as more surprises go, there could be some, according to former drummer Dave Grohl. “We have a few things up our sleeves. I can’t really say anything yet. But you’ll see. It’ll be fun.” To that, we say WE – CAN’T – WAIT!


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