Who: POWERS (Mike Del Rio & Crista Ru)
Where they were born: NYC
Where they live now: Los Angeles
What they do: Always aim for greatness.

What they believe in:
Energy. It’s the only real thing that makes the world go round… We are also obsessed with aliens.

If they could see broad social disruption in one aspect:
There are many things we’d like to see change in this world, but it really comes down to common sense (which unfortunately isn’t so common). The people of the world need to pay more attention to basic decency for each other and for our planet. Scientific fact is undebatable, reality is unavoidable, and there is a massive difference between faith and religion.

Heavy rotation presently in their headphones:
We have both been loving the Young Fathers record so much, such a raw band. Big fans of
Tame Impala; the new Brandon Flowers album is also incredibly satisfying. Our friends, X Ambassadors’, new music is great, and, of course, the dozens of POWERS demos.

Style icon:
CR: Gwen Stefani, Grace Jones, The Spice Girls.
MDR: Bowie, Brandon Flowers, Serge Gainsburg.

What they’ve been up to lately:
We just wrapped a short West Coast run with our friends The Knocks and now we’re back in LA finishing up our EP.

What good energy means to them:
It’s the true law of the land… It’s at the center of who we are as people and as creators. Every idea and action we take is in the pursuit to positively impact this world while we’re living on it. Kindness and sincerity are virtues to live by everyday.

The kind of movement they’d like to start:
In music, we want to represent the future. We want to push and help evolve the taste of pop culture with our sound. It’s our artistic responsibility to move the needle.

Who represents their artistic family:
We really have always taken to a “collage philosophy” when making music. Everyone from Beck, David Bowie, and The Talking Heads to visual artists like Terry Gilliam, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol were all “collage” artists. We’re songwriters before anything, though, and a quality lyric and melody will outlast any artist. Praise to Billy Joel, The Beatles, and Prince.

The first record they bought with their own money:
CR: Bjork — Post
MDR: The Beatles — Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Their idea of love:
“There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

That the human race will come together as one entity when widespread knowledge of extraterrestrial contact is made. The aliens will come in peace to bring prosperity and show our people the way. Good vibes.

text by: Zoe Zaneteas

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