POST NEW BILLS: Los Angeles Preview Screening

by: Dawn Blackman

August 24, 2012

Post New Bills Shepard Fairey

How can a media campaign help eradicate climate change?

An ambitious documentary film about Green Patriot Posters, titled “POST NEW BILLS,” aims to do this by igniting world-wide awareness of this global issue. Inspired by the propaganda posters of WWII, the creators of Green Patriot Posters, and “POST NEW BILLS” director/producer, Susannah Tantemsapya, and producer, Hilary White, challenge artists to elicit collective awareness and action in the fight against climate change. They hope to inspire individual and global responsibility in the face of climate change, by creating a sustainable environment and economy for the future.

With elections 12 weeks away, this film has an important message to consider.

The film, presented by Creative Migration, features interviews with Shepard Fairey, DJ Spooky, Michael Bierut, Dmitri Siegel, The Canary Project and Mathilde Fallot.

The recent preview screening of “POST NEW BILLS” was a ZERO WASTE event and part of a pop-up exhibition called Big City Forum: The Club House at ForYourArt in Los Angeles.

Post New Bills film Wild Magazine

Post New Bills film Wild Magazine


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