PLAGUESPACE’s Floating Galleries
Provide Art and Mindful Consumption

Enter the latest form of marriage counseling for the relationship between art and fashion.  Doyel Joshi, Corinna La and Ester Shenkman are a dynamic designer and artist trio whom have formulated the ultimate retail and gallery viewing fantasy. With PLAGUEspace, the three have conceived the concept of the FLOATING GALLERY TM – a space that, “operates like an Art gallery, [while] functioning like a Retail Store.” The premise of this unconventional shop is to cultivate the intrigue that was once present throughout art and design and to challenge the norms of commercial retail and simply to manifest a higher form of fashion in the art world.

“While studying at one of the finest schools of fashion we realized some inherent problems with the way the design industry functions. Everyday it becomes more about mindless consumption which is fostered by the consumerist society we live in. What is missing, is the awareness of why a product was created, what processes a designer goes through while creating them, and if another product must be created, is it teaching us anything more than its monetary value. PLAGUEspace was created to fill that crack between production and consumption, and the FLOATING GALLERIES™ are a byproduct of that thought. “

PLAGUE_001The collaborative space was born to bring artists together and to highlight a new generation of visionaries residing in New York City. More poignantly, PLAGUEspace seems to materialize the everlasting question: “is fashion art?”  FLOATING GALLERIES aim is to put an emphasis on the tiring misconception that fashion is somehow less than fine art in terms of importance. This goal stems from Joshi, La, and Shenkman’s time at Parsons School for Design where they found it difficult to blend the two communities as one. Today, they avoid compartmentalizing themselves into the category of fashion design and would rather be recognized as artists. This is a common battle that most members of the fashion industry fight daily and now through PLAGUEspace, the three founders hope to blur lines and break down barriers for an unbiased future.

“PLAGUEspace was created to build a platform that revolutionizes consumption.  It has always been about the next way the design industry produces and displays things because the masses GET IT and WANT IT.”


Ester Shenkman acts as the company’s President whereas Doyel Joshi and Corinna La function as head creatives behind the endeavor. Together, they successfully lead a commercial structure for marketing and branding purposes to maintain a center for conceptualism and creativity.  The goal is to also create timelessness in the clothing that still resonates as modern. PLAGUEspace is described by the three as a retail experience that is unaffected by seasonal trends. This suggests that the items are all one-of-a-kind and long lasting pieces of art rather than disposable fast-fashion merchandise which overwhelms the current consumer landscape.

“The ultimate goal of PLAGUEspace is to create  “department stores”  that function like  art galleries. The FLOATING GALLERIES™ are a validification of that concept. Erratic ideas are best when executed in a lean business model and that is what we are doing. We intend to collaborate with game changers to build a strong platform that hopefully has a ripple effect into rest of the consumption markets. So everyone is able to see, learn and experience their products as cognizant productions that don’t feed into the decaying eco system of waste.”

PLAGUEspace Floating Gallery No.2 takes place on August 15th from 2:30pm to 9pm at Open Gallery Space, 355A Bowery NY, NY, 1003

Images by Jazmin Jones

Design layout, GIF and editing by COMMAND+CONTROL

text by: Avinash Hirdaramani

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