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Paul Rousteau​: Fleurs de Paris

Who:​ ​Paul Rousteau​
Where he was born:​ France​
Where he lives now:​ Paris; Pantin to be ​precise​
What he does:​ photograph​s​


How it all began:​
I decided to do art school 10 years ago. I’ve worked since I was 4 years old.

How he captures ideas​:
I have a lot of ideas. I try to organize them. Sometimes it makes good pictures. Sometimes not. I just have to edit. And I look at lot of different kind of images. Here are my references and moodboard:


If he were a sound: ​
Maybe an ​A-minor​ chord. When I used to be musician I ve always play this chord. Sometimes 30 minutes when I was alone and stoned. ​Its a bit mélancolique, but I found it very inspiring.

He believes in​:​
Power of mental, positive thinking.

Something he needs to change​: ​
Life always makes me change!


Something great he’s read:
The last one Instructions for happiness and success​​ by Susie Pearl, advised by the great actress Celine Salette.

The most interesting art today:
I don’t know. Limits with life and art is really delicate now. I like the idea of impossibility to define​ what is art or not. Everything is art, isn’t it?​

Heavy rotation:​ ​
For working, ​​​Late​ ​Night Tales​ by Niels Frahm and ​for fun, ​the song “Bitch Better Have My Money” ​by Rihana.


His most recent artistic reference:​
The garden of earthly delights by Jerom Bosh and the ​F​rench painter Pierre Bonnard

Why he takes photos:
I try to reveal mystery​ and beauty.

Where he finds peace:
When my kids are too noisy, I find peace on toilet with my phone 🙂

Paul’s WILD Wish:
​To​ continue​ my ongoing personal project on religious communities and ​cults. ​And continue to work with beautiful magazines. Traveling. B​eing a good father.


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