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Jessie Ware / Share It All

Jessie Ware drops the second single in anticipation of her sophomore LP, Tough Love.

Photo courtesy of The Boys Toronto

Seth Atwell, Androgynous Male Model

Seth Atwell is a wildly versatile, androgynous male model from Toronto, Ontario. With only five months of experience, he has already become a big time muse for numerous well-established photographers.

50 Shades Of Grey, The Wild Magazine

[Watch] The First Shade Of Grey

"Mr. Grey will see you now."

thaniya brothel

Max Pincker Documents a Life In Between

Photographs enticed by the clash between old and new, between love and the constraints placed on it.


WILD Profile: Oyinda

Oyinda takes cues from R&B chart-toppers,
but the underground sound is all her own.